Your data, reports, and marketing results in one place.

- Sean Thomas | CTO


Real time data visualization and campaign reporting with context.

Clarity on LTV and AOV

"Organize your customer acquisition costs across each conversion channel to assign LTV to each audience segment."

Jason Fishman
Client Happiness

One Place for All of Your Data

"We'll organize and create dashboards using your most important data from your most trusted sources of truth."

Grigori Mikayelyan
Technology Advisor

Omni Channel Reporting

"We'll strategize and streamline all aspects of your social media presence... One source of truth, that isn't operating in a silo improves efficiency and effectiveness."

Paul Pendarvis
Project Manager

Omni Channel Reporting

Reporting that paints a clear picture of how your business, marketing and customer acquistion channels are performing.


  • How do I get the data into a Dashboard or Report that’s in a .pdf?
    We have the ability to use automated scraping technology to extract data from a .pdf or text document and use it as part of your Dashboard or Report.
  • What type of metrics for traditional display campaigns does Rad offer?
    Reporting includes clicks, CTR’s, engagement depth, conversion, CAC, asset tracking and reach.
  • What data sources do you support?
    Reporting from Google Analytics, AppNexus, Facebook, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Word Press, Placed, and most data sources. Custom solutions for offline data sources also are possible.
  • Why can’t someone on my team do this?
    RAD’s integration team has specific experience with implementing complex data sources which require expertise and development time. This process for most clients has customization which requires a combination of marketing insights, data visualization, and development resources.
  • Will my data be secure?
    We employ industry-standard encryption at every stage of contact with you and your data. Unique instances of Dashboards & Reporting are created just for business case.
  • How do I know if the information displayed is correct?
    We employ best-in-class quality assurance practices, checking results displayed in Dashboards with data from their source bi-weekly. We also cross check conversion data where applicable.


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