The Dangers of Bots and Fake Followers

By radint

Jan 7, 2019 Bots, Followers, Marketing

Paying for bots and/or followers across social media platforms can be a tempting hack. To the novice, it might seem like a great way to build an audience and increase your brands social credibility. But more often than not, you’re harming your brand – here’s why.

You’ll Miss Key Insights

Tracking the performance of your posts is crucial to success on Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube. This is how you gain the insights you need to effectively target new audiences and grow your brand. When you utilize bots and pay for fake followers, you’re skewing all your data in the wrong direction. Just remember, bots don’t behave like real people.

Focusing on organic growth ensures chunks of valuable data is made available which ensures a true understanding of your audience. To this point, the paid tools Facebook business manager makes available to us are most effective when used alongside real engagement. The lesson… You just can’t fake this process.

High-Quality Engagement

Fake followers will not actively engage with your posts in meaningful ways. Instead, this strategy only hurts your reputation with cookie-cutter comments that are void of any meaningful relevance. If you get exposed for purchasing followers on social media, people lose trust that your content is actually valuable.

Stay the course and be patient. Simple focus on creating an environment that promotes organic sharing and feedback from your audience is the best strategy.

Your Influencer Budget

The key to success on all social platforms is building an organic following. Fundamentally, you’ll need to target and connect with the people who crave what you’re putting out into the world. But it’s not as simple as paying an influencer with a huge following and waiting for the sales to come in. We suggest thinking about social media as one important part of your entire digital presence.

Size Matters

Before selecting an influencer, it’s important to think about your goals. If you’re looking to generate more sales or expand your reach, smaller influencers will produce better results. According to this report by Markerly, “influencers in the 10k-100k follower range offer the best combination of engagement and broad reach, with like and comment rates that exceed influencers with higher followers.”

However, if you’re looking to scale your business, it’s worth it to foot the bill for an macro influencer. These influencers can and will get your brand in front of a large audience while simultaneously increasing your brand’s credibility and reputation. Both strategies can work if executed correctly. One simple hack – click on prospective influencers comment, likes, & followers. You’d be surprised what you’ll find (both good and bad).

Real & Engaged Audiences

Before you spend any dollars on influencer marketing, it’s important to verify that the influencers you choose have a real following. Another great way to check an influencer’s audience is to review their Facebook account. A strong Facebook following is a good indicator that real people are engaged with them outside of Instagram. You can’t fake Facebook, and if you structure the deal correctly… this opens up a myriad of marketing options.

Closing Thoughts

Effective influencer marketing can have a huge impact on the growth of your business. If you’re looking for an edge, try remixing influencer content with RAD Intelligence’s Social Syndication product. On this specific product, client case studies are showing marked increase in reach and campaign engagement. Happy hunting!