More sales with social proof.


Social proof mixed together with your best products.

Ad units that feature reviews & product while being served at the best possible time to your most engaged customer.

Fans & Ambassadors

Prospect or retarget with your most enthusiastic brand supporters.

Social proof ad units that utilize your fan base and brand ambassadors in a one of a kind ad unit.

News and Blogs

Provide your future customers the validation they're looking for.

Mix your products alongside news and relevant blogs to establish social proof for specialized retargeting.

Influencer & Product

Align social proof with your product with influencers with Rad Intelligence.

Maximize budget allocations by combining influencers & product into one ad unit.

Custom Retargeting

Control the user journey and content for each retargeting ad unit.

Select up to 8 creatives with multiple size variations and deliver conversions that speak for themselves.



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