Rad Micro Ambassadors

By radint

Aug 1, 2019 Influencers, Micro Ambassadors

Thousands Of Brand Safe Influencers Sharing Your Content.  

Hmmmm…..Yup, I Want That!

Remember how content was consumed over this as little as 4 years ago? How about 10 years ago?  I know, it’s hard… by 2009 most of us we’re already active on the internet. Print and TV markets were changing rapidly and new websites were taking over the market as goto authorities for information.

Popular publishers like Vice, Tech Crunch, NY Times, and ESPN are staple places we go to frequently to consume our favorite content.  But the fun begins when we find ourselves on boutique more specific sites that somehow have found their way into our personal ecosystem.

The question of how this content somehow found its way to me is complex, elegant and simple simultaneously. Social media (in all of its glory)….has now become the staple source for both content discovery and origination.   

Reporting turned into “PR”, photos & video were distributed by the usual players and publishers.  This was the norm was accepted a normal course of business if you wanted to get your brand in front of broader audiences.  

Now, the world has a new lens.  A micro ambassador lens. This “semi” organic lens of getting smaller influencers, enable brands to get content in front of audiences that are engaged without being overexposed. Social Media has taken online content far from that original high-stakes, low-reward model. For context, micro-ambassadors, nano influencers in our world both have the same meaning.  The need for high quality interested audiences is where brands and publishers thrive. To this point, a micro ambassador audience feed is where people are most likely to buy, recommend, and discover new content and brands.

Rad Intelligence has taken this idea and concept even further.  We understand that content distribution is as simple as Facebook share.  This environment, at scale….in a performance drive marketplace is our answer to “how to get my content in front of people that care?”  

We do this by engaging 1000’s of brand safe micro ambassadors to share your content at the click of a button.

Our platform dynamically matches publisher & brand content then syndicates it across influencer feeds in a contextually aligned, brand safe manner.   We’ve created the first performance driven marketplace that eliminates the creative workload for both brands, publishers & influencers. 

This approach combines the best of brand specific content with publishers across any vertical.  Influencers are able to maintain the integrity of their personal brand by mixing the types of content they share with their organic audience feed AND get paid daily for the impressions they serve.  Brands and publishers get results that speak for themselves while monetizing content they’ve already produced. With all the noise, options, and quite frankly… same ole’ – same ole’… Our team believes we’ve created a stable marketplace that will work for small, medium and large brands everywhere.