Advertisers provide the content and set the budget... users select and share the content.

- Jeremy Barnett | CEO & Founder -


Identify, test & scale

Advertise your best digital content through rad influencer user handles

Push out paid media through contextually relevant social feeds and control your CPC, budget and traffic volume.

"Use RAD as an advertising channel and activate 100's of contextual influencers with attribution for each campaign."

Jeremy Barnett
CEO & Founder
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Blogs, Videos & Product Pages

Syndicate content across 100's of influencers audience feeds in a preformance marketplace.

"Out platform gives advertisers the ability to identify their perfect audience and influencer."

George Michalopoulos
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SMB's Publishers and Content Rich Brands

Meet Jason

Jason owns a small digital commerce brand on Shopify. His eCommerce revenue is $107k per year. Jason can’t afford to make any mistakes on how he spends his limited marketing budget.

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Meet Jack

Jack runs a large media online media publishers. We’ve heard of these types of online brands like GQ, MSN & Vanity Fair. This client persona type has great articles & content to distribute to social audiences.

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Meet Sara

Sara is a Sr. Media Director at a mid-sized company. Her job is to test new marketing products once others have validated. Her brand has great digital content for distribution.

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Happy Platform Customers

Haik C.

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Haik C. | CEO of Delfina Skin
May 27, 2020

"Best Influencer Platform"

"Love the platform, beyond easy to use and produces ROAS."

Adam Hua

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Adam Hua
    Sr VP Brand Partnerships | Citizen Net, A Conde' Nast Company
Apr 28, 2020

"Only Game In Town"

"RAD is the trusted channel partner we use for influencer & audience identification. For advertisers looking to scale paid via whitelisted influencer pages, RAD is the only game in town."

Yusake M.

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • CEO & Founder Swell Country
Jun 22, 2020

"Easy to use and delivers roas"

"We use RAD to deliver guaranteed performance across several of our clients. Super easy to use and highly recommended."

Jason Fishman

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Senior VP Digital Media
    Digital Niche Agency
Apr 28, 2020

"Unique Influencer Tech That works"

"RAD is the first influencer marketing platform that produces results & conversions without any question. We're big fans!"

Tata Tickaradze

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Tata Tickaradze
    CEO & Founder | To the Moon Social
Apr 19, 2020

"Highly Recommended"

"We use Rad Influencer to ensure we exceed our client campaign goals and preset KPIs. The Marketplace is simple to use and I highly recommend it."

Anna Gudmundson

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Anna Gudmundson
    CEO | Sensate
Apr 5, 2020

"Our Goto Influencer Channel"

"The Rad platform has been an internal part of our early growth -- its easy to use and put simply..... it just works."

Brian MacMahon

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Brian MacMahon
    Head Honcho | Expert DOJO
Apr 2, 2020

"The Best AD Tech Startup Period"

"Rad Influencer has become a staple marketing channel for several of the Cohort investments that come through the Dojo. Aside from that, we also use RAD ourselves! Highly recommend RAD!"

Anja Skodda

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Anja Skodda
    CEO | Happy Pet Again
Mar 16, 2020

"Next Level Influencer Platform"

"As an early-stage startup, we can't afford to waste any marketing dollars. We've been getting measurable results and performance with RAD. Definitely recommend."

Alexander Eburne

  • Current Customer
  • Verified Contact
  • Alex Eburne
    CEO | Prep Deck
Mar 10, 2020

"Big Fan Of This Startup"

"We use Rad Influencer platform as our core influencer channel. What we like most is being able to control the outcome."


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