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How to create a social proof ad unit?

By Nic De Castro


  • How is Social Proof priced?
    During our beta period, the social proof product is priced on a CPM basis. The CPM will depend on whether the client is buying the media or if RAD is buying the media. Once the beta period is complete, RAD will be offering 1, 2 and 3 year contracts.
  • Does the client buy the media or does Rad buy the media?
    Either scenario is possible.
  • Can Social Proof be leveraged in their existing and/or direct/upfront media buys with publishers?
    Yes, brands can take the Social Proof ad units and leverage each ad in their direct/upfront media buys.
  • What publishers accept Social Proof ad units?
    All publishers accept Social Proof ad units. Some publishers have restrictions on the ad unit functionality, thus restrictions do apply on a case by case basis.
  • Can Social Proof be leveraged for retargeting?
    Yes, there are multiple ways to leverage Social Proof ad units for retargeting which include products, reviews, influencers, fans and ambassadors.
  • What type of reporting does the client get from Social Proof units?
    1. Impressions
    2. Unique Clicks
    3. Click Rate
    4. Engagements
    5. Engagement Depth
    6. Engagement Rate
    7. Asset Performance
    8. Top Performing Asset
  • Can we report on which individual ‘tiles’ in the Social Proof unit are engaged with?
    Yes, we have tracking set up for this in the ad unit java-script.
  • Can we report on social actions taken by users within the Social Proof unit?
    Follows, subscribes, likes, shares, are trackable – however not commonly engaged with. Most clicks occur in the post itself and the next/prev arrows for navigation in the light box.


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