How to Maximize Your Digital Ad Spend?

By radint

Feb 5, 2019 Data, Marketing, Mobile

There is a need for a paradigm shift amongst digital marketers if they are going to maximize their ROI. Change in the digital marketing sphere has re-invented strategies that once worked. Innovations in Artificial Intelligence algorithms have helped brands have a clear picture of consumer needs and spending habits. This has necessitated the creation of personalized content that leads to more conversions while keeping digital spend low. The attention span of viewers online is low, and this necessitates the creation of content that is concise, engaging, and informative while not too long.

Data-driven digital Marketing

Brands can capitalize on this strategy by an intelligent gathering of customer data and using it to create personalized content. When creating a data-driven marketing strategy, you get to ask questions like who, where, what and when. Digital marketers can leverage on Artificial intelligence and create efficient media buying strategies. Through machine learning, you get to target the right customers, and this gives you the highest ROI. At the core of data-driven marketing is the CRM software that helps in customer information gathering hence enabling marketers to personalize their mailing list. It is estimated that companies that have a data-driven strategy are six times more likely to be profitable than those that don’t.

Leveraging Social Media for Experiential Marketing

When social media is used for experiential marketing, it creates a powerful tool that will skyrocket your digital ad response. When brands create live events through social media, they capitalize on brand engagement. It is estimated that over 70 percent of customers become regulars after an experiential marketing event. You get more traffic and conversions as more consumers share the experience with friends. To maximize on ads through experiential marketing create anticipation amongst customers before the live event. Mobilize social media accounts, digital influencers within your niche and e-mail marketing.

Create more video content Ads

Video content has been on an upward trajectory. It is not hard to see that consumers find it easier to consume video as opposed to texts. It is estimated that over One billion hours of video are watched every single day on mediums like YouTube and Facebook Live. It is imperative that digital marketers be armed with the right tools to take advantage of this medium and maximize their ROI. According to a report by Hubspot, video helps customers understand a product better – leads to higher conversion rates. High quality, informative and engaging videos do wonders for SEO and help web pages rank higher on Search engines. Video display ads will be a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy in the future. 

Shift to a Mobile centered strategy

Smartphones are becoming the primary way through which customers interact with brands online. With more than 80% of the population accessing the internet through their mobile phones it is estimated that mobile digital ad spend will outperform desktop ads by over 6%. According to a report by ZenithOptimedia digital spend in 2017 was around 99.3 billion dollars – mostly dominated by mobile. Digital marketers will need to focus more on creating ads that are intended for mobile consumption.

Final Thoughts

How companies handle, consumer data will be a key factor in the creation of digital ads strategies. Customized Ads that convey a clear and engaging message will grab the attention of more viewers hence leading to more conversions and increase in ROI.   When creating unique ad units, consider the social ecosystem you’ve already invested heavily into.  We’ve found gold in this environment that significantly increases reach and converts.    Consult with a Rad representative to learn more.