DIY Influencer Marketing vs Using Rad Influencer

By Monique Danao

May 27, 2020 DIY, Influencers, Marketing, RAD Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business. 

In fact, 89% of marketers believe that the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels. Additionally, 9 out of 10 marketers believe influencer marketing is an essential part of promoting their business. 

Unfortunately, launching an influencer marketing campaign involves an excessive amount of time and effort, and for most, is a good ol’ fashioned pain in the ass. First, you must identify the influencers to promote your brand. Then, you must reach out to those influencers & wait for a response. Once they respond, you must decide on the payment amount, proposal and content creation process. While businesses usually possess the necessary resources, there’s so much back and forth between the parties involved that it may even take weeks or months to launch one sponsored ad. 

Luckily for you, RAD Influencer enables businesses to syndicate blogs, videos and product pages. Simply set the budget and provide Rad with your content, then our platform does the rest.

So, let’s compare launching an influencer campaign on your own to using the Rad Influencer platform. 

Step 1: Identifying influencers

Rad Influencer I.D powers your influencer selection process by targeting the right influencers/persona types for your campaign and guarantees that those contextual influencers will share your content.  

Using RAD – (1 hour)

Without RAD – (1-3 weeks)

Identifying influencers on your own involves a manual research and comparison process based on organic reach, follower count and performances of their previous sponsored posts. A marketing team may take a few weeks just to finalize the list of influencers that can effectively promote your brand. 

Step 2: Getting in touch with influencers

Rad Influencer – (24 hours)

The next step is getting in touch with influencers. 

With Rad Influencer, brands can easily access a database of influencers that are contextually relevant and are already willing to share their content.

Without Rad Influencer – (3 to 4 weeks) 

Without Rad Influencer, marketers need to create a proposal and wait for each influencer to respond. A big chunk of the influencers will either not respond or will reject your proposal. Aside from communication breakdowns, oftentimes you’re stuck dealing with the influencers’ agency or management.  We all know this ain’t fun.

A few more problematic points that could hamper your campaign.

  • Sourcing = Marketers source influencers by reaching out to them by emailing the proposal. It may take days or weeks before an influencer will reply and there’s also a chance that they’ll ignore your email. 
  • Deal structuring = Influencers often have their own rates and terms so negotiating a deal may require a lot of detail and consideration. If you’re asking for an influencer to create something new, then you’re requiring them to work.  This means higher pay for their involvement. 
  • Sending Product = Some influencers may want to try out the product first before any promotion happens. Shipping your products will take time, especially if the influencer is in another state or country. With Rad Influencer, you can easily access influencers that are willing to share your existing digital assets. 
  • Performance of the campaign = Even if businesses successfully negotiate a deal, there’s no clear estimate on the number of likes, shares and clicks that the ad will get, meaning you could be paying more for less value.  Meanwhile, Rad Influencer pays influencers based on the performance or the number of clicks on the content. This ensures that every penny of your budget is well-spent. 

Step 3: Launching the content

Rad Influencer – (Instant) 

Using Rad Influencer, your business will provide influencers with ready-made content. Once the content is live, influencers share it on their social media pages and add an original, engaging caption. The entire process is managed by Rad Influencer. Hands free. Like the Tesla of influencer marketing!

Without Rad Influencer – (2 to 3 weeks)

If you’re doing this on your own, prepare for a lot of back and forth between the parties involved, from content creation to scheduling the launch. Sometimes the influencer may have a different creative direction for your content, leading to more revisions down the road.

Once you’ve given the green light, the next step is to schedule the launch. You’ll have to coordinate with the influencers involved and find an ideal time that works for everyone & aligns with your campaign timing as well.

Step 4: Analyzing the campaign’s performance &  implementation of paid media amplification

Rad Influencer – (Instant)

How do you determine the performance of your campaign? The Rad Influencer platform includes a performance dashboard that shows conversions, unique clicks, estimated earnings and number of shared posts.  

Every influencer in the platform is also whitelisted for paid media amplification. This means high performing posts can go beyond the organic reach imposed by Facebook or Instagram, which leads to higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

To decide which posts to put paid media behind, the platform Z-indexes the top performing posts, influencers and content categories. With this information, you can put paid media behind these specific pieces of content, to increase the reach & returns even more.

As you run your campaign, you can eliminate the underperforming influencers and work with those that are more effective in promoting your business. 

Without Rad Influencer – (2 to 3 weeks)

To determine the performance of your campaign, you may need to get access to the influencers’ account. Otherwise, you’ll need to request a report on the campaign’s performance which will involve more back and forth. Problems may also arise if the influencer uses different analytics tools.

Additionally, the process of whitelisting influencers for paid media amplification requires further negotiation when trying to acquire the right page permissions. In contrast, this process is automated in RAD’s platform. 

Step 5: Payment process

Rad Influencer – (Instant)

Before you start the campaign, the budget is determined and prepaid on RAD’s platform. Influencers are paid based on the number of unique clicks they generate on their posts. The unique clicks served are deducted from the budget you pre-set on your campaign. This ensures your campaigns budget and pacing are delivered according to your preferences. Then, payments are sent to the influencers immediately via PayPal.

Without Rad Influencer – (1 to 2 weeks)

The do-it-yourself method involves more back and forth between the influencer and the company to determine the best payment process. Sometimes influencers even require prepayments, putting the brand at risk.  To scale influencer marketing, brands must set up a seamless process between sales, accounting, and the influencer. 

Multi-Influencer Campaign: RAD vs Without RAD

Managing multiple influencers or content creators without using Rad Influencer’s platform will take an immense amount of time for your marketing team to organize the campaign and ensure that every influencer is on the same page. It may take weeks and months to launch one ad. But is all that time, effort and resources worth it? 

With Rad Influencer, the process is finished instantly. You can easily access a wide variety of influencers and start the content syndication process within 48 hours. You can instead use your time on something else, something fun… like going out for drinks and celebrating with your team. After all, a successful campaign is a cause for celebration!

Ready to use RAD? 

If you’re ready to start your campaign with RAD, then here’s what you need to know. Simply schedule a demo to see how it works and you’ll be up and running in a Rad minute!