B2B Marketing Insights for 2020 and Beyond

By Jeremy Barnett

Feb 25, 2020 Influencers, Linked In

The automation of paid media is everywhere. ie; Facebook, Instagram, Influencers & Programmatic.  For most B2B marketers selling their services, LinkedIn is the go to choice.  Market saturation and overdone social content sharing means us marketers need to be smarter about how we stand out.  Here’s my two cents on exactly how to do that.

1) Host events, wherever & whenever possible.  Invite your most articulate colleagues to participate.  Fireside chats, workshops and mixers are great places to establish authority while developing authentic connections.   Make sure to film, share & connect with as many attendees as possible.

2) Dinner meetups and keep the circle tight.  Invite 8 leaders and/or peers to participate. The goal of the dinner is to produce B2B introductions for each invitee.  Be conscious of you ask to participate. 

3) Host a podcast and invite a target prospect for an interview.  People love to be recognized as thought leaders. If you have the gift of gab, doing a podcast is a great way to develop meaningful connections. More importantly, building content helps establish your personal brands social proof.

4) GIVE then GET.  Sounds much easier than it is.   What happens when a conversion channel gets saturated?  Bingo, your client acquisition cost goes up.  My LinkedIn inbox is overwhelmed with cold messages from people I’ve never met nor would I care to.  However, when I meet someone new, and really connect…. the likelihood of establishing a business relationship increases 100x. 

Our world is overwhelmed with messages, emails, likes and shares.  For this reason, really connecting is more important than ever.  Of course, having a “great product” should be the cornerstone of any B2B offering.  But why should prospects consider your amazing product amongst all the noise?  The answer Is NOT work harder, call more prospects, or email more targets.   We must all apply our inner James Bond if we truly want to stand out.

Jeremy Barnett is the current CEO/Founder Rad Intelligence.  Former CEO & co-founder of Trendy Butler and lifelong supporter of Orphaned Starfish Foundation.