4 Quick Tips for Making the Perfect Thumbnail

By Jeremy Barnett

Feb 18, 2020 Content, Thumbnail

The use of visuals to entice clicks is nothing new, but as with all media, there is a learning curve to creating the ideal preview image. Below are a few tips for maximizing the clickability of your thumbnails.

Manage your space. By their very nature, thumbnails are tiny. This gives you a small amount of real estate to convey the necessary information. Notice how large the “Official Trailer” text is in the above image?

This is done to highlight exactly what content one can expect when he or she clicks. This is so vital that the text identifying the video is even larger than the name of the film it’s promoting.

2. Utilize proper construction. English and many other languages are written left-to-right, which means we tend to automatically process images in the same way. Once again, placement of the pertinent information is key to the effectiveness of your thumbnail.


3. Color and contrast are king, bright colors, yellow in particular, have been consistently shown to draw the human eye. A clean, bright image with complimentary colors has a dynamism that we find arresting.

And finally….

4. Honesty is the best policy. The image you use in a thumbnail should be an accurate reflection of the content you’re posting. Many will use provocative or misleading images to get more clicks. This is effective only in the short-term.


If you want to build a relationship of trust with your followers, let them know what they’re getting up front. If they know they can count on you for quality, they’ll keep coming back and clicking through,